Power Cable Modding

The NAS in my living room has a very nice case: The Node 304 by Fractal Design. It’s very modular and compact (Mini-ITX), and you can mount put up to six [sic!] 3.5 inch HDDs. It just has one big annoyance with the power supply.

The supply is mounted internally, and then connected to a plug that is mounted to the panel. This cable uses a right-angle-connector. The problem with this is, I didn’t think of the fact that my power supply mounts the other way. So it needs a connector that is angled towards the other side. Finding a right-angle connector wasn’t that difficult, but I didn’t find one with a panel-mountable socket on the other side. So, for a long time I just left the cable dangling out of the back. I decided to rectify this a few days ago.

My first idea was to zombify both cables I had by cutting them up and then soldering them back together. If this would be a low-voltage project, I wouldn’t think twice about it. But I’ve always felt a bit uneasy with high voltage. And I wasn’t sure if it’s OK to just solder in that case. So I asked around in my social circles if anyone knew an electrician. My good friend, the Broom Besen told me: “I’m not an electrician, but when I worked on construction sites I always did it that way”. Very reassuring. So, I decided to listen to his advice. We decided the best way would be to crimp the cable onto a panel-mounted plug.

So that’s what I did.

A power supply. A cable with a right-angled plug is inserted into it

The cable I’m going to cut

A panel mount, screwed into the back of the case

Attaching the panel-mounted plug

A cable, a wire cutter, and a cutter knife on a desk

Cutting the cable

The same cable, with the outer isolation removed

Removing isolation

The cable, with one plug crimped onto the live wire

Crimping the plug

All 3 plugs crimped onto the cable

All plugs crimped

The cable is attached to the socket
The cable is attached to the socket of the power supply and to the socket for the other cable

Attaching the plugs

Close-Up of previous picture, showing the socket with the crimped wires


The cable, with a CE sticker on it

What is that sticker doing there?

The cable, with the CE sticker removed

Didn’t feel right leaving it on :D

The case with a warning label on it. The warning label says 'DO NOT OPEN'
Another warning label. This one says: NOT CE, and includes a skull and crossbones

I also made some warning labels to stop casual snooping, since live is now exposed inside the case even when the computer is turned off.

I know this is a bit different from my other projects, but I hope you liked reading it!

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